Community of Christ the Servant

Whitewater WI

"Welcome to Our Community"

Our Unique Caring Congregation Is Committed to Serving Others

We ACCEPT Christ as the Living Word of God.
We ACCEPT Christ's challenge to live according to his teachings and to follow his example as conscience dictates, acknowledging that each of us may interpret them differently.
We RESPECT each individual's religious background and beliefs.
We BELIEVE that the church is the people, not the building. Gathering as a faith community is more important than the place we gather.
We GIVE our time and 25 % of our offerings to causes that support social justice in the spirit of our role as Christ's servants.

WE ENCOURAGE each other to grow in our individual faith journey to a greater under-standing of Christ's love and calling to serve humankind.

WE ARE Christian in spirit and belief.
WE ARE Committed to Serving Others
WE ARE Striving to be a beloved and loving community
WE ARE Interdenominational in substance and independent in spirit
WE ARE Respectful of all people
WE ARE Progressive in thought
WE ARE Attentive to Needs

WE ARE warm, welcoming caring and supportive. Please consider joining us in worship and service

WE WELCOME you in the spirit of worship and service.
OUR MEMBERS come from many different Christian traditions and our worship draws from many backgrounds, but it is always comfortable and joyous.
OUR CHOIR is open to anyone who comes early enough to join the rehearsal.
WE CELEBRATE an open communion on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Everyone is welcome to join us at the Lord's Table.
EACH SUNDAY ends with coffee, juice, treats and time to visit with each other.
CHILDREN ARE WELCOME and encouraged to be present and share in our worship.

Please contact Pastor Michael Obinger at 262-581-6479 or

"You may be a kindred spirit and not know it."

A Beloved Community

The Community of Christ the Servant is an inclusive, affirming congregation, expressed in the context of community, rather than institution. Because our members come from many different faith traditions, we encourage individuals to grow in their personal faith journey to a greater understanding of Christ's love and calling to serve humankind as a beloved community.

Place and Time of Worship

Sundays 9:30 a.m.
Starin Park Community Building
504 W. Starin Road
Whitewater, WI 53190

"A congregation striving to he the beloved community + beloved by God + beloved of one"

For More Information write to:
The Community of Christ the Servant
P.O. Box 322
Whitewater, Wisconsin, 53190

OR Please contact Pastor Michael Obinger at 262-581-6479 or

Located in the Starin Park Community Building in beautiful Starin Park. (North side of Starin Road near the intersection of Franklin Street)